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Material directamente relacionado a hipotesis de uso de Redes Sociales


Brett A. Bumgarner You have been poked: Exploring the uses and gratifications of Facebook among emerging adults


Andre Oboler The rise and fall of a Facebook hate group


Bernardo Huberman, Daniel M Romero, Fang Wu Social networks that matter: Twitter under the microscope


Ryan Bigge The cost of (anti-) social networks: Identity, agency and neo-luddites 


Jörgen Svensson, Frank Bannister Pirates, sharks and moral crusaders: Social control in peer–to–peer networks


Eric Gordon Network locality: Local knowledge and politics in a network culture


Steve Jones, Sarah Millermaier, Mariana Goya-Martinez, Jessica Schuler Whose space is MySpace? A content analysis of MySpace profiles


Shlomo Argamon, Moshe Koppel, James W. Pennebaker, Jonathan Schler Mining the Blogosphere: Age, gender and the varieties of self-expression


Gerd Paul, Christian Stegbauer Is the digital divide between young and elderly people increasing?


Material dedicado a la metodologia de analisis de las redes sociales en la era de Internet


Alison J. Head Beyond Google: How do students conduct academic research?


Danah Boyd Friends, Friendsters, and Top 8: Writing community into being on social network sites


Paul Genoni, Helen Merrick, Michele Willson The use of the Internet to activate latent ties in scholarly communities


Lesley Thoms, Mike Thelwall Academic home pages: Reconstruction of the self


Steve Jones, Camille Jones Professors online: The Internet’s impact on college faculty



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